Dienstag, 29. Juni 2021

Das ACREC Logo. Im Hintergrund greift eine Hand eine virtuelle Hand, die aus einem Laptop kommt

Hey, we are the Acrec team consisting of: Christian, Jan, Julien, Katrina, Marion, Matthias, Prinjesh and Raphael. Our project is divided into a product and research division. Let’s talk about research: Currently machines in various forms lack the ability to understand what humans are doing. We are working on “OpenAcRec”, a library that takes videos as input and estimates the activity in that video. To achieve that, we represent the human poses detected in the video frames over time as a motion image which we can use for training a classifier. We are also competing in a gesture recognition competition which concentrates in the healthcare department. We developed tools and infrastructure that allow us to crowd source training samples via the web and monitor our available servers during training. But what for? Meet our baby, Marec. Marec stands for Multimodal ACtion RECognition. It’s a prototypical machine which aims to apply our research methods on an actual robot that will be able to recognize human gestures and react/ interact accordingly.

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  • Raphael Memmesheimer
  • Matthias Wellstein
  • Christian Schröder
  • Julien Rodewald
  • Marion Ehlen
  • Jan Herschel
  • Prinjesh Shah
  • Katrina Mahlendorf